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Pride of African Lions Steer Post-MDGs Agenda by Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the AfDB

"Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank gave his keynote speech at the High-Level Dialogue Between Ministers of Finance and Health on Value for Money, Sustainability and Accountability in the Health Sector on 4-5 July in Tunis, organized by AfDB and the Harmonization for Health in Africa Mechanism.

President Kaberuka spoke of the emergence of Africa within the new global financial reality. He highlighted the need to focus on the sustainability of Africa’s growth, not only economically but in terms of the social gains made, particularly in health. For that he argued, there is a need to rethink the financing of health in Africa in terms of value for money, sustainability, equity in access to services, using technological advances to benefit the poor and learning from best practices to provide effective safety nets.   

The conference gathered over 50 Ministers of Finance and Health and/or their representatives from 33 African countries, parliamentarians as well as over 400 participants from the public and private sectors, academia, civil society and media globally. 

The conference emphasized the urgent need for greater domestic accountability, reduced dependence on foreign aid and the role of Parliamentarians as well as using e-health in achieving greater value money in the delivery of health services in Africa. It also stressed the need to tackle the critical shortages, maldistribution and inadequate performance of health workers in Africa."

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